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What did you notice?

Child 1 “It helped me calm down and focusing on the real thing…on what I’m supposed to be focusing on.”

Child 2 ”If I get mad at my mom, I can do the breathing.”

Child 3 "Energy Balls: They recognized fire and animals like giraffes and notice their energy can show up in many ways when using their imagination."

Child 4  Kalin “I see a galaxy and I’m calm” Maksim “I have a Moneyball. It makes money.”

Child 6 “I see a brown bear with rainbow spots.”

Child 7 “Mine is light blue with clouds over it.”

Cild 8 “My energy ball has paintings; art is in it.”

Child 9 “looks like a puppy sitting on my head with a white mask.”

Child 10 “Invisible – the color of air.” He later added he could see a rainbow.

Child 11 “good – calm affect.”

Child 12 “I feel the energy moving down to my feet.”

Child 13 "I listen and Learn"

"Sister #1, I'm usually the one leading the group to color. This exercise touched me in several ways. This was just what I needed thank you for holding space for us healers. No us Black Healers."

Becoming a Leader
Middle School Students

Student: "My fist are tight because I'm ready to strike!"
After a few minutes of deep breathing and the opportunity to paint a pet rock, this student had this to say. "Thank you for remembering the red black and green paint. Those are my favorite."


M. B., Photographer

Liz appeared in my life with the most refreshing energy. Having never experienced Reiki before, Liz' sensitivity and gentle touch made me feel instantly comfortable and safe. Her thoughtfulness and consideration of my needs made the whole experience extremely beneficial. If you have the opportunity to book a session with Liz, I highly recommend you take it.

BP Reiki Certification

Healing Arts Participants

Black Power Healing Circles

Social Emotional Learning
K – 5

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