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Woman of African descent sitting in a grassy area on a yoga mat with her hands on her head giving herself Reiki.

Reiki uses life force energy to activate the self-healing ability of the mind and body. Commonly reported benefits are, relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, a decrease of inflammation and releasing of tension in the body.  Used together, Reiki and meditation support healthy lifestyles and self-care just as brushing teeth and eating a healthy diet allow one to aim at living their best life.

Black Power Reiki Certification Training


BP Reiki I Current Class Click here for the full schedule.

$500 16 hours

BP Reiki I Start Today click here for your Self-Paced Class 

$500 Self-Paced via Teachable

BP Reiki I Weekend Intensive: TBA

$500 Fri 2 hours, Saturday and Sunday 5 hours. total 12 hours.

BP Reiki III (Master) TBA

$2000 60 classroom hours over 12 months of training.


Meet Your Trainers

Patricia Valentine Reiki Master/Teacher
Growing up in rural California, working in the cotton and every other kind of fields, attending the Coptic Church where my Grandfather Bishop Enoch Amey would heal people with his hands all the time. It was something I was used to and thought healing this way was mainly because he was a special man of God, and he was.

Years later I learned about Reiki when I received it from my good Friend. I was so excited and impressed by the results, I had to know what she was doing. She put a name to it, she said “Reiki” and I knew then I wanted to know more about these hands-on, connecting Qi skill, because this was the same skill my grandfather possessed.

My life’s work was centered around healing touch, as a cosmetologist, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and makeup artist. My ambition is to help people look better, feel better, heal, release/let go.

Currently, My Person is a mother, a Grandmother, a Reiki Master, a Reiki Instructor with Black Power Reiki, through HolisticU, as well as an Ancestral Grief Circles facilitator.

Liz is a Seattle native who began her healing journey by losing a hundred and 80 pounds and maintaining a healthy weight from 1998 to the present. Her unique use of comedy and drama to tell her weight loss story captured the attention of many organizations and community members around the city inviting her to speak to both the African-American and Health and Wellness communities. In 2017 she received her Reiki Roho Master Certification and created Black Power Reiki with a focus on personal and professional development. Liz continues to serve those seeking training and wellness with Healing Circles and Workshops. Learn more at


                                  Janis Wade, CRM, Educator, Artist

                                  I am a retired elementary school principal who led an Arts Integration School. I am an artist and                                            jewelry designer also a Black Power Reiki Master Teacher in training.


black power
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Black power Reiki local Sunburst in the Afro of a woman space in red with the green power fist at the head
Reiki Services
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Reiki and NADA Five Point Protocol (Ear Acupuncture) Services

Description of Reiki: 

Reiki uses life force energy to activate the self-healing ability of the mind and body. Commonly reported benefits are, relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, a decrease of inflammation, and releasing of tension in the body. 


Reiki One-on-One Services: 

Activate all that is needed one session at a time.

Reiki Sessions 

Book Here

45min.        $100           

Weekly Distance Reiki

Register Here

Monthly Membership $50 per month.

Ear Acupuncture

NADA 5 Point Protocol, Ear Acupuncture: This healing art modality is used to activate the bodies own healing process. The five points are; Shen Men, offering overall relaxation and pain control. Sympathetic, relaxes the nervous system. Kidney, increases confidences while decreasing fear and detoxes the organs. Liver, increases a good mood while decreasing anger and detoxes the organ. Finally, Lung for deep breathing, letting go of grief and increasing joy.

Services administered by an Acupuncture Detox Specialist. 


Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture and Acupressure Session

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45min.      $100

Ear Acupuncture
Golden bullseye with three  arrows.

Holistic Integrative Life Coaching      


 Contact us for a personalized quote.

At HolisticU we believe in a Change-by-Example guided healing process. This allows the individual to see transformational healing as a reality attainable in their own lives. Our team of Reiki Masters, Art and Movement Specialist, Chefs, Medical Professionals, and Wellness Coaches will assist you in developing a personalized HolisticU Integrative Lifestyle Guide. 

Areas of Focus:

  • Identifying what you are doing well.

  • Strategize so your passions support your healing journey.

  • Cultural and artistic was of goal tracking.

  • Weekly clinical support is available in the Seattle area.

Program Schedule: Participants meet weekly for the first eight weeks then every other week for the duration of the program. 

life coach
Man and woman smiling who are of African descent cooking together


Gloden scroll.

It is well documented that contemplative and artistic practices like singing, meditation, chanting, crafts, painting, calligraphy and mindfulness, reduce stress and create a mental and physical environment for change. The benefits of these practices are amplified in groups. Start healing today.

 Contact us for a personalized quote.

Meditation Healing Circles: Sisterhood, Brotherhood, and Healing the Healers Circles. 

Childlike JoyA play date for all ages that activates healing without noticing. Artwork and plush toy are for you to keep and display with pride.

Mirror Work: Going inside for personal insight on what to celebrate and what to heal.

Womb Work: Tapping the power of creation to meet your daily needs. (For All)

Do You Know How to Breathe?: Breathing techniques for core strength, relaxation, and the short and long-term benefits.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture and Acupressure: Allows the body to relax, detox, and benefit from Overall Rest, Organ Healing, Joy, Courage, and Processing Greif. Services are administered by a Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist.

Healing Hidden Wounds: Gentle yet powerful techniques to uncover the wounds we are told don’t exist. Healing and Art are used in this journey creating a personalized work of Healing Art.

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