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Woman of African descent receiving Reiki at her head by a practitioner of the same ethnicity. The woman is lying down with her eyes close and a gentle smile on her face.
CEO Liz Davis smiling with a white head wrap standing in front of chakra wall art.

more About Me and this healing art space:

How the lifestyle training started.

This system of healing was created from my personal experience and three years of study concluding in a holistic integrative, culturally connected system of change sponsored by a Seattle Get Moving grant. Most evidenced change is the my, 200-pound weight loss and the practice to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle since 2001. 


This personal system allowed me to think, move and live differently. Overcoming many social and personal obstacles when perusing a healthy lifestyle due to, prejudice and lack of information as a disabled Black single mother. Finding ways to move and eat within my limits became my focus to identify my needs and create or find solutions that fit my needs and were enjoyable to my cultural norms. I did not want to give up my greens and cornbread and go to exercise classes where I was not welcomed, so I found ways to maintain my goals with personal interest with people and books that reflected my culture. It is my desire to share my story with more people like me in similar situations of personal and socially identified roles that are under served and many times undervalued. I want them to know, change can happen. One step at a time, from the inside out. Walkable Central District Walking Groupis a testement t this truth. Find out more on our Facebook page.

I now use writing, drama and workshops with other health industry professionals to share my story and offer the life-changing benefits of holistic self care to all who aspire a healthy lifestyle. Click here for more information.


How Reiki found me.

I had a Facebook ask was anyone interested in a year long commitment become a Reiki Master. I heard about reiki from one of my spiritual advisers and was intrigued about training to use mainly for my personal healing. Completion of Reiki Level I, and using the reiki for myself daily, my chronic pain went from 7 & 8 to a 5 on the pain scale 1 to 10. I immediately began asking my Master Teacher questions about integrating reiki into my lifestyle training programs and workshops. I look forward to assisting each and every one of you and applying what I’ve learned personally and through my studies to your HolisticU journeys. 

Thank you for visiting my site and taking care of yourself. 

Disclaimer: individual results may vary. All services and information on this website are meant to support healthy decisions and personal healing not to diagnose or treat a condition. It is recommended to consult your personal wellness providers before beginning any new treatment.

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