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CEO Liz Davis in a lavender blouse with hair styled an Afro.

Liz Davis is a Reiki Master

who joined the Health and Wellness or Healthy Living Movement in 1998 when she went from 400 to 220 pounds over two years & focused on healing childhood trauma.


Her outreach is focused on the African American community who suffer in greater numbers from preventable conditions than the average American. 


Liz can be found promoting the message of healthy living via monthly community walks, healing circles, visual and the healing arts and as an energy healing practitioner in the discipline of Black Power Reiki.


The Mission:

Guided Transformations LLC DBA HolisticU uses an Evidence Based Model to teach individuals how to heal themselves through personalized lifestyle skills. We provide personal, and professional development through performance, visual and healing arts. Our focus audience are African Americans as well as other underserved peoples.

The First Steps Towards a HOLISTICU...

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